Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alabama Virtual Library- Enhance Your Student's Learning...

I have often heard teachers and students refer to this Alabama Virtual Library, but I had no idea exactly what folks were talking about. Our FNDS 4703 class had the opportunity to learn a little about it from Mrs Farrow (AUM Librarian), and I found out that the AVL is more than just a website about books!

I learned that evening that the AVL is easily accesible and contains the Britannica Online School Edition which is a helpful tool found within the AVL. With the Britannica Online School Edition teachers are provided with an easy access to all curriculum standards, cool links to support encyclopedia articles, and other interesting learning matariels. I think the most imprtant function of the AVL/Britannica School Edition is the information concerning grade levels, subject areas, and state standards that correlate to a specefic article that you have selected.

Now you can be confident that you have chosen matariels that support your state's standards! I really enjoyed tinkering with all the fun activities, games, and animations that Mrs. Farrow demonstrated in class. You and your students can explore these fun activities and reinforce basic fundamental skills for ALL subjects with the Alabama Virtual Library!

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