Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What teacher doesn't need "Sites For Teachers?"

I was assigned this site last week and the members of my group can tell you that I accidentally typed in "site for teachers" rather than, sites with a "S." Wasn't funny (at least not to me) at the time, but it is now because I now see how much this site has to offer as opposed to the website I stumbled upon!

This is an educational website rated by popularity. EVERY teacher needs this website at his or her disposal. From songs, state reports, free worksheets/activities, study tools-- to lesson plans and neat clip art for you power point, this educational website has got it all!

The section that I noticed is the "Resources for Special Education Teachers and Students", this caught my eye and I know that having this to view will definitely be beneficial to me in the future. Upon further searching of this website I discovered the NASEA or National Association of Special Education Teachers link. I will always need to refer to this in my future days as a Special Education teacher.

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