Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How Stuff Works...Everybody needs this website!

OK, this website is "way cool!" is a website for everyone! Meredith was assigned this website during class last week and we had fun checking it out.

From "How to keep your skin looking healthy" to "How to learn how to play an Acoustic Guitar like John Mayer," this is the website that will show you how! Teachers can use this website to answer those crazy, off the wall, where did he/she come up with that type of questions. Sure, you can inform your students of the website, or you can keep it to yourself and have your students in awe because their teacher seems to know it all! There is really not any topic that I could think of that this website does not know! So you want to know how to repair a toilet seat or take apart a heating element to your dryer? This website has got you covered my friends!

Be sure to insert this website among your favorites!

1 comment:

Meredith Adair Edwards said...

Did you use the "random article" feature? I learned things I never knew I didn't know...haha!